°•·.·´¯`·.·• °DaNcE FiRsT. ThInK LaTeR, It's The NaTuRal OrDeR... ° •·.·´¯`·.·• °

~Samuel Beckett

Monday, March 31, 2008

This Saturday

Today I will write about the things I did this weekend, I tried to enjoy it a lot, because tomorrow we will be back to school...=(
This weekend was full of fun, specially on Saturday. I woke up early and went to rehearse the choreography for new band. Then I ate sushi with my mom, which was delicious!

In the afternoon I had to clean the house because I was going to have a party with my dancer friends jajaja. My parents give me permission to have parties in my house because they trust me and because they prefer me to be here in my house, than in a club or something, because there is a lot of danger this days at night....=/

When Viko( which is like the organizer) arrived we went to buy some things, and when we came back two of our friends had already arrived. We prepared everything for a barbacue. It was fun because men were cooking...and ladies were just chatting! jajaja. Then more and more friends arrived. Our former choreographer Mike also came(and that was something we thought would not happen). We had a lot of fun and we prepared some electric lemonades which, I have to say, were awesome!=)

I had so much fun, my stomach hurt because I laughed a lot! jajajaja. We danced too, and Mike just couldn't believe we wanted to dance after all the rehearsals we have.

The party ended the next morning! Although I just slept like 3 hours, I want to have another party like this next weekend.In the photo at the right, my dancer friends and I at 6:30 a.m.....Ready for breakfast! =D

C ya next post!

Friday, March 28, 2008

My favorite character


To0day I will write about my favorite character. It is a lazy cat named Garfield.

This character was made by Jim Davis. The name Garfield was to honor his grandfather: James Garfield Davis. Garfield is a fat orange cat that lives with his owner Jon Arbuckle and a silly dog named Odie. At first Garfield was a comic, then a tv cartoon and now he's a movie artist.

I really don't know exactly when I started to be a fan of this cat, but I know that he's my favorite. I think I have a lot of things in common with him. He loves lasagna, and I love it too. He hates mondays and gets scared with spiders, and so do I! jajajaja. He also loves to sleep a lot, and... that's something I really like to do too =). Garfield's life is very simple, he sleeps a lot, eats a lot, watches tv, and goes back to sleep... jajaja that's why he's so lazy...

When I travel I try to look for things of Garfield and now I have a small collection. Some of that things are gifts from my friends. Also my agenda and this semester's notebook is about Garfield. The oldest thing I have of garfield is a little toy an aunt gave me when I was little, and It still works! jajajaja

Well that's everything for today, c ya next post!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

El saucito

One of the most interesting experiences I had recently was a visit to a graveyard. Let me explain this adventure to you...

I visited the city of San Luis Potosí with my family last August. My mom's ancestors lived there all their lives. They are all dead... and some of them are burried in a graveyard in this city. The name of this place is "El Saucito".

This graveyard is so old that most graves there are from the last 2 centuries! My mom wanted to find the grave of my great-great grandparents. We had never been there before, so it wasn't an easy job. Besides, the grave hadn't been visited in many years.

When we arrived, we had to ask for some help. We told the man in charge who we were looking for. My great-great grandparents died in 1933. They looked for the information in a veeeeeeery old book, and they told us the area in which they were burried.

My family and I began to look for it, and as I told you, it wasn't easy. We had to walk and look for the correct block. While we looked we saw many graves, some of them were spooky, others were so old, that they were collapsing, and others were very elegant, well, it was something I had never seen before.

After 1 hour and a half of walking and looking, we found the grave. It was hidden...almost covered with grass and weed. We had it cleaned, we bought some flowers and it looked better.

Eventhough it was daylight, it was a creepy adventure...

c ya next post!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tequila, Jalisco!

Today I will tell you about a great place I visited last summer with my family.

The place I'm going to tell you about has the name of the most popular Mexican drink: Tequila. This place is in the state of Jalisco.

Tequila is a small, lovely and peaceful town. It has a cathedral, a market, a park, and all the typical places of mexican towns, but the best places to visit in town are the Tequila factories. They are all around. In every store you go, they sell Tequila, and they invite you drinks everywhere, too. Of course, we had to drink it...we didn't want to seem impolite...jajajajaja

We visited one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! : " La Cofradia", it's an old "hacienda" where they make tequila. There, the people who work in the factory explained us all the process to make Tequila, and it's not easy...

The view was great, with the "Agave" plants all around, wow! it was so beautiful...=)

In the "hacienda" ,there's a "Tequila museum" and it was very interesting. There they have some of the tools they use to cut the "agave"plants. There are also all kinds of bottles used for many years for the Tequila.

The Hosts gave us drinks of all kinds of tequila. They have also flavored tequila which was something new for us. Before we left, my dad bought a few bottles, which are the favorites in the parties, I must say...jajajaja

Tequila is an unforgettable place, and I'm sure I'll visit it again soon! =)

c ya next post!

My favorite artist


Today I will write about my favorite artist.

Her name is Rihanna and she is a singer of R&B. Her music has influences of Reggae, R&B and Dancehall.

Rihanna was born in a county in Barbados called St. Michael. When she was 16 years old, she released her first album: Music Of The Sun. The hit of this album was her single "Pon de Replay" which was in the position # 2 of the Billboard top 100 for three weeks. Months later she released her second album: A Girl Like Me. The first single was "SOS" , which jumped from place number 34 to place # 1 from the billboard top 100. This was a historic record. The other singles of this ablum were"unfaithful" and "Break It Off".

Her third and more popular album is: Good Girl gone Bad. This album has the song that made her more famous than she already was: "Umbrella". I think this is her best album. My favorite songs of this album are: "Umbrella", "Shut up and drive", " Good girl gone bad","Please don't stop the music"( this song has a fragment of "wanna be starting something", of micheal jackson.)

Chris Brown made a remix of Rihanna's song: "Umbrella". The name of this remix is : "Cinderella"( this is the first song of my blog...jijijijij), and it's my favorite.

I think I like Rihanna's music because it's fun, fresh and some lyrics are deep. I am Rihanna's #1 fan=)
C ya next post!

Friday, March 21, 2008



Today I will write about something delicious...jajaja

I've never been a fan of sushi, auntil today... jajaja=). This love story started a few months ago, when my mother ordered sushi. She was eating it with a very happy face, and I became curious. She gave me one roll and it was DELICIOUS! Since that day once every two weeks we ordered sushi for dinner...jajaja. Now I understand my mother and my friends who love to go and eat sushi on a buffet. And I make the same happy faces they do when they eat sushi jajajaja.

I got used to eat sushi from the Sai, but I felt I had to try other places. Last week I went to eat sushi with some of my friends, we went to Kurai. Let me tell you that it has NOTHING to do with the sushi of Sai. The sushi of kurai was salty and disgusting. I prefer Sai. really!

The next day I went to the buffet of Sai with my mom, and I enjoyed it a lot! Maybe because it's the flavor that I am used to, or maybe the place, I don't know, but I can say I am a fan of sushi! jajajajaja.
....hmmmm I am hungry...maybe I will order sushi.... jajaja

c ya next post!

Adventures at the fair

Yesterday I went to the fair with some of my friends, and I had a great time.

Our arrival to the fair was supposed to be at 8pm, but as ussual, we were late, because we had to pick up some friends. We arrived al 9 pm...jajaja and some of our punctual friends were waiting for us. We were a lot of people, so that made the night more fun.

Two of my friends (Myrna, and Myrna) and I put some color extensions in our hair. Myrna and I chose the pink ones, and the other Myrna chose the blue ones. While we were doing that, the rest of our friends were looking for us...jajajaja

Then we went to the area where the games were. Two of my friends wanted to ride a game, but it was very crowded so they had to wait. While they were waiting, Victor, Myrna, Myrna, Willy and I, rode the marry-go-round. jajaja I felt like a kid again! but I have to admit it was fun.

At 11pm the group Belanova started to play, and my friends and I wanted to see them. But again! It was so crowded that we only listened to 3 songs and went back to the game area. After that Myrna and her boyfriend, Willy, Chava and I rode the Himalaya( That's my favorite game).

Then we left, because we were starving and we wanted to have dinner in any place but the fair. We went to eat tacos, and that was the end of my adventure at the fair.
c ya next post=)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Best Dance Academy


I'll write about BDA( Best Dance Academy)

As you know, I love to dance and I've performed in 2 musicals. But we had some trouble with the producer, so our former choreographer made his own dance group, and my dancer friends and I went with him. Now we are part of BDA.

For many reasons I just couldn't go and rehearse with them, but now, that I have free time...I can dance!!!=) and that makes me REALLY HAPPY!

We're performing on May 10th, and I don't have a lot of time to catch up with the choreographies, but with a little help I will make it. We have lots of projects, but the best one is something called : New Band. It's like a dance contest by groups of 4. Of all the 25 dancers only 16 could make it to this project and I'm one of them. This contest can be seen on tv, and next week we're going to film the first episode. The first song of my group is: "mis ojos lloran por ti" , It's like a mix of hip hop an reggeaton, and I like it a lot. =)

c ya next post....=)

yei! Vacation!!!!!


I've been absent for a while...but now I'll catch up with my writings...jajaja.
First of all I have to say that I've been very busy...jajajaja well, not so0o0o0o busy...but a little.
Now that we're finally on vacation, I have time to go out with my friends, with my family, go to the beach, relax or just sitting to watch tv. Because in a normal day I just can't do all this things,because of my job and the school, I find It impossible.

The best thing of vacaction is that I can wake up late!!!! jajaja yeeei! I can forget about my alarm clock! and believe me...it's annoying! jajajaja=) It's great because I love to sleep.

Another great thing about this vacation is the fair, I love to go there. I remember that a year ago I went there with some of my friends and we listened to a great group: Camila, and it was awesome! This year I want to go again, but I don't really know what artists are going to perform, so I'll have to find it out.

Well that's everything for today, I'll write about some of my vacation adventures later...=)

c ya.....

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My pet...


Today I will write about my pet. It's a French Poodle dog named : K-nuto. He is white and his ears are brown.

I first met him when he was two weeks old. He was a gift for a friend of my mother, from another friend who owned the mother of K-nuto. We went to pick him up and I took care of him while we were going to the new owner's house. I totally fell in love with him, but I knew he wasn't for me.

Weeks later my father arrived with a gift for me, it was a box. When I opened it I saw K-nuto inside! The friend of my mother couldn't have dogs in her house, so she gave it to us. From that day on, K-nuto and I became unseparable. He followed me everywhere, and I was very happy to have him with me. He grew up and now he is almost 6 years old.

He is very crazy, just like his mother( me) jajajaja. One day he gave a big scare, it was raining and he ran away. My family and I placed signs all over the neighborhood. Two days later someone called to tell us he had found K-nuto. We went to pick him up, he was a little bit hurt, but nothing serious=). Finally we had him back. That was a year ago, and now we have to be very carefull with him. He is part of our family!

C ya next post!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Running away...


Today I will write about the adventure my friends and I had last Friday.

First of all I have to say that we had free hours, that's why we went out from school...jajajaj=)

Greisly, Mara, Fatima, Ruth, Tere, Iris, Greysi, Gema and I wanted to go to the beach, but we had a problem... we were 9 girls with one car...jajajaja.

Fatima had to go to Naranjos( her hometown) so she quit from the adventure. While we were standing in the parking lot and thinking of what to do, Ruth called one friend who could take us to the beach. And so it was, Ruth, Mara and Greisly went in the car of Ruth's friend, while Tere, Gema, Greysi, Iris and I went in the car of Iris. The problem was that Ruth's friend was only giving us a ride to the beach, he wasn't staying there with us.

We arrived to the beach and each one of us bought a corn kob. Then we went to the seashore to take some pictures. We had a great time, as you can see.

When it was getting dark we had to go back to school, because we had class with teacher Prezas. I don't know how we did it but the eight of us fit in the car of Iris. We were so cramped, I could hardly breathe. Iris was driving, Greysi and Greisly were in front, Tere, Gema and Ruth were in the back, and Mara and I were siiting on their laps. We were singing and laughing all the way back. We had like our own party in the car... jajajaja It was really fun!

We arrived to class with no problems, but we were very tired...

Bye teacher

C ya next post.....=)

Personal experience...


Last week we had to write a composition about a personal experience, and here it is...

Last weekend I planned a party with some of my friends. We were going to celebrate Valentine's day( although it was a little delayed). We wanted to have a barbacue at my house, so I organized everything for the "party".

I cleaned the house and waited for my friends to arrive at 8pm, because we were going to buy everything(soda, food, snacks,etc). I waited and waited and waited, and they just didn't appear. They arrived until 10 pm, but by then I was starving.

We went to Wal-Mart to buy all the stuff we needed, but it was so late that we had to shop in a hurry. We divided in two groups and we were running all over the store. It was really fun, because the lights were almost off and we were screaming, running and laughing.

Finally we paid everything and went to my house to make the barbacue. I had an awesome time with my friends and I had a delicious dinner. So once again I can say late, but sure...jajaja

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I ♥ music!


I'm here today to write about music!

Reggaeton, classic, hip hop, rap, pop, electronic, lambada, salsa, etc....I love music!
all kinds of music...well, except country...jajajaja.

Music takes you away, from the beach to the space in only minutes. It's relaxing and a therapy. Just sitting down, closing your eyes, and listening to the music you like is awesome. Music makes everybody's body move, you just have to go with the flow=)

It's widely known that music helps students concentrate in their studies, and it's also known that some hospitals play music to their pacients and that relaxes them. In my case, I listen to music all day...well whenever I can. When I fell stressed, music relaxes me, and when I feel sick music cures me... I really believe in the special power of music... Also because without music, a dance wouldn't be complete.

Some lyrics of songs have a strong power also, and they make people happy, sad, angry,etc. There are some other songs that have powerful meanings because they are written from the heart=)...
It doesn't matter if you are punk, emo, a rock star, strawberry(...jajaja), if you are a nerd or a silly person, there is music for all kinds of people and all tastes, and with one simple rythm , music will take you away...=)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Singer me???


I'm here today to talk a little bit about my non- singing career... jajaja Well...I'll write about this because my teacher told me to.=)

First of all I have to say that I only sing in the shower, but I really enjoy doing it( not as I enjoy dancing, but I like to sing too)specially when I sing with my friends. My father's family are musicians, his mother and his oldest sister play the piano. My youngest aunt plays the guitar.My dad and his brother sing, and I have to say that they are good at it.

When I was in elementary school I had a friend that liked to dance too, and we used to make our "concerts"...jajaja we sang( we used playback of course...) and danced, and we invited all our friends to watch us in our performances. We had a lot of fun. Of course we wanted to be famous, sell many records and make concerts, but it was just a dream because the truth is we didn't have enough talent... so this was the end of my non-singing carrer.

I love to hear music, I love to dance it, and I try to sing it...jajaja but I must admit that's not what I'm good at, so as I said before I only sing in the shower, that way nobody can hear me...jajaja
c u next post!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Favorite Movie...


I'me here again....=) to write about my favorite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2 and 3. An this is not my favorite movie because my 2 boyfriends appear on it( Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp...jajaja)...no0o0o, this is my favorite movie because I love Pirates.=)
This movie is about the adventures of crazy Captain Jack Sparrow( Johnny Depp) and his mates.

Pirates of the Caribbean 1: The curse of the Black Pearl...This was the first movie and it tells the story of the tripulation of the Black Pearl, now leaded by Captain Barbosa which is under a curse. They have to get all the pieces of a treasure to break the spell. They find the last one in Port Royal where Elizabeth Swan( Keira Knightly) and William Turner(Orlando Bloom) live. Sparrow helps Will find Elizabeth, and recue her from the tripulation of the black pearl, and with this he can get his ship back and complete his revenge.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead man's chest, is the second part( as you can see...) In this movie Jack sparrow has a debt with Davy Jones, and he has to pay for it. The only way to scape from this is to find the chest of davy Jones( that contains his heart) and kill it. By doing this you have to take the place of Davy Jones, traveling arround the world bringing souls to his locker, and you can only touch land once every 10 years.At the end of this movie Jack Sparrow dies by the hand of the Kracken( a creature controlled by Davy Jones), and the rest of his friends( including Captain barbosa, who was revived) have to find a way to bring him back.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At world's end...this is the last movie. In this one Sparrow's friends travel to Davy Jones’ Locker, where Jack Sparrow is, and they bring him back to fight against the army that Jones has. Accidentally William Turner dies, but sparrow and Elizabeth find a way to keep him alive, by killing Jones´heart and taking his place for the eternity.... I didn't like the end of this movie because Elizabeth and will can't see each other, only every 10 years...so sad.... jajaj but I really liked everything else.

...Yo-jo, Yo-jo, A pirate's life for me.......=) c ya next post

Book report...=)

Hello0o0o0 again=)

I'm here today to write about a book I liked a lot,it's name is Ode to billy joe by Herman Raucher, or in spanish:"Sublime amor juvenil". Actually, this is my favorite book. The first time I read it was 2 years ago, and I really loved it. I've read it like 4 times.

The story takes place in 1950, in a town called Webb, ubicated in the Tallahatchie country, Mississippi. Bobby Lee Hartley is a 15-year old girl that is in love with Billy Joe McAllister, who loves her too. They see each other in secret, because her parents think she's too young to be in love. Everybody in town starts to talk about their secret romance whan a girl in town saw them together.

They make plans to run away together, but one day Bobby Lee recieves terrible news: her love: Billy Joe had jumped from the Tallahatchie bridge and killed himself. He had been raped by an unnamed man at a party, and he was unconscious. Before his death he went to see Bobby Lee and confessed her the truth. He felt guilty, and jumped from the bridge...

She ran away, and returned years later to Webb, where she lived the rest of her life...

I really liked this book because it's a real life story. This romance did happen! and this bridge does exist! I'll recommend this book to romantic people who like love stories.
When I was reading the part when she knows he's death, I was crying....jajaja, I'm a cry baby...I know...=)

That's everything for today... c ya next post...=)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Brother & me=)

Friday, February 15, 2008

My hobby....

Hello0o0o0o again=)

Today I'm here to talk about my favorite hobby...
It is Dancing!...as you can see... hehehe...

Well Dancing is not just to listen to music and move..NO0O0O0O! Dancing is more than that! Dancing is expressing yourself with your body, it's the movements involved in the music, it's the hidden language of your soul( that sounded very poetic...), and for me it's the greatest passion ever.

I've danced since I have sense of reason, and it's something I really enjoy. The best experiences I've ever had dancing, were in the two musicals I was in( Viva voz Ed. Es, and Viva voz 5: Geminis). I entered there for my brother( who is a dancer too, I forgot to mention that in the last post...jijijij)

The firts days I felt that I wasn't going to make it all up to the musical, because of the time, the rehearsals, etc. but I decided to go ahead. It was the best choice, because I experienced something I've never experienced before: Dancing in at a stage. It's the best thing you can ever feel, listening to the music, hearing and seeing all your family and friends that are there just to watch you. And It's all up to you. To make it right or to run away...

When I'm sad or angy, I dance , and all my problems go away. I once read something about that: Next time you're mad, try dancing out your anger. It makes you feel better=)...

So now you know where my passion is:...It's all in a dance floor....=)

"Electric youth"---Viva voz 5: Geminis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eApxCiwQUis

My family

Hello0... I'me here to talk a little bit about my family...=)

I live in Tampico Tamaulipas Mexico...with my family...( jajaja really???)

My Father: Oscar Luis Alcocer Lartigue, he has his own business of waterproofing( I really don't know well if this is the correct word...). My father is very cool and fun. I love him very much because he supports me always and he takes care of his family a lot.

My mother: Maria de Lourdes Guzmán Garza, she is an English teacher. She works at the Instituto Anglo Mexicano( elementary). My mother is very supportive with me, she is like my best friend, she's always doing things to make us happy.

My Sister: Maria de los Angeles Alcocer Guzmán. She is 8 ( almost 9 ) years old. She's like me in a small presentation...jajaja. I love her very much! I remember that when I was her age, I wanted so badly to have a sister or brother to play with, so when she was born I was really happy. I know that even if she doesn't understand my problems very well, she will always be there supporting me like the sister she is.

My brother: Jesus Ismael Esqueda Gutierrez.....well, he's not my brother of blood, ( as you can see in the last names...) but for me he's my REAL brother. I can't talk about my family and not mentioning him. My parents love him too.He is the best friend I've ever had. I love him so much! I met him when I went to get my job, and after that day we were almost inseparable. He's always there for me when I need him, he takes care of me and the most important thing, he understands me a lot, like a real brother... Ande he knows I'll be here for him always...=)

c ya next post =)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine's Day


I'm here again to tell you my story of valentine's day! It was really awesome.

First of all, my friends and I made the" Secret Friend" exchange. I had to buy a gift to Martha, which was really good, because I know her very well...=)
Everydar Since February 1st, we had to give a small secret gift to our friend, like a candy or something small. It was fun, because sometimes we said out loud: "Hey secret friend...I'm going out of the classroom, you can put my gift now..." jajaja.

Today was the great day to know who was our secret friend.We went to have lunch at conni pizza, and there we were going to make the exchange. I had a great surprise when I saw martha with my gift. She was my Secret Friend, and I was Her secret Friend too!

Then we went back to the party of our school, it wasn't as fun as the last years, but it was not so bad=). I arrived home early, and I went out with two friends of mine: Erick( who sometimes posts me) and Laura.We went to gaelic and had a great time. I had a great valentine's day with almost all my friends, hope to see soon the ones that I didn't see today.

well I think that's everything for today because I want to sleep...jijijiji

see you next post.=)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Hello... I will talk...ejem, write... a little bit about superstitions...

Number 13, black cats, mirrors, etc.

Wo0ow! I didn't consider myself superstitiuos until I began to think about all the things that are superstitions, and I know more than I could Imagine....jajaja. So maybe I'm a little superstitious, maybe normal...

For example, I wouldn't like to break a mirror( well I don't think of anyone who'd like to break one..) but just in case, because they say I would have bad luck during seven years.

I have also heard that if you spill salt on the table, you will have bad luck, unless you throw a pinch over your left shoulder. And about the black cat thing... It is not my favorite animal, but I don't mind if I see one.

There's another one! If 13 people sit down at a table to eat, one of them will die before the year is over.( Imagine... If it's New year's dinner....jajaja)

And talking about number 13, I've heard that in Hotels and hospitals, there is no room number 13...and something funny I read on Internet: In Florence, Italy, the house between 12 and 14 is adressed as 12 and a half. They say it's also bad luck to open an umbrella inside the house.

My family and I have a friend, she is Cuban. Many things that I know about superstitions come from her. She always tells me stories about the fear that something bad may happen.

I hate to admit it, but yes, I'm a superstitious girl, just in case...( I need to protect myself) =)

Great dancers are not great because of thier technique, they are great because of thier passion...